That Time My Company Got Bathroom and Kitchen Repairs Because of Me

I am very lucky that I grew up here in Calhoun County. My main reason for feeling this is that I am able to explore my options and succeed in my endeavors with regards to my career growth. This is because my hometown is a great place that has companies that cater to honing the skills of younger people as well as teaching young professionals to be better at their work.

It is important for us young professionals to be part of a company that treats us at par with other employees, regardless of our age generation. This is not to say that we should be treated like we are experts or anything, but that we are employees of the same company and we have the right to equal rights and privileges so that we could be as productive, if not more productive, as everyone else.

I was able to tell just how much my company values my existence when one time I had a terrible sickness. I have been complaining about the foul odor that I smell whenever the AC of the office was turned on. At first I kept it to myself thinking that people might think I am being too picky and arrogant. When I was starting to feel sickly, I went and tell the HR about it. They immediately responded by checking out the AC. It turns out, the areas near it were already covered in molds and that is what has been spreading around. I was the most affected because my area is a direct hit from the air-conditioning unit.

To make matters worse, I also found out that our bathroom and kitchen area are affected by the growing mold problems. Since these molds can easily grow in moist areas, the AC system has become an effective means for them to reach places like the bath and kitchen area.

Thankfully, my company took the necessary actions by contacting a company that has been known in protecting the whole of Calhoun county from these kinds of problems since it started its operation years ago.

I am just a lone employee but it was great to see that the company took immediate action to see that the problem was resolved. I am very blessed to be a part of a company that values me fairly. They see me as part of the family and they see me as someone with potential. Their positivism towards me motivates me to do better with my work, which I believe their company deserves from me. All companies should treat their employees just as my company treats me, so that all employees, especially the younger generation, will be much more inspired to do great with their work.


The company I work for used the websites below to contact said service company. If you are interested, you can go ahead and check them out too!


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A Nice Looking House

I love home decor. I love a cute looking house. I am not just talking about the outside. I love the inside to look beautiful too. I have every roomed themed to my liking. When I have friends over they always love walking around my house. I am always changing the look of my house. I get bored very easily, so I have to change the look every few months.

My favorite room in the house is my fitness room. I take my health very seriously and love to workout when I can. I have everything you need to get a good workout. I figured that it would be cheaper to have my own stuff than pay for a gym membership every month. Plus I love being able to exercise whenever and never having to leave the house. I even had an Oxford plumber come over and put a water fountain in there. So you really get a gym feel. I have surround sound music in the room with rubber flooring. Many of my friends come over instead of going to the local gym. Maybe I should start charging a monthly membership!

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Some Basic Tips on Home Care

We all know that the external of a house is as much as important as the interior, and that damage outside the house, when not mitigated, would soon spread and affect the interior as well. As such, while the problem is still outside, find ways and means to ensure that it is stopped before it works its way towards the insides of the home.

One of the most common damage that the exterior of the house would have to encounter is water damage. This is because the exterior is almost always exposed to moisture and rain and snow and all other sources, both natural and man-made. Here are a few areas that you need to cover in your search for fixing water damages from the outsides of your home.


The roof is a very exposed part of the house and it has direct hit from the rain. Making sure that every nook and cranny of your roof is able to sustain rain storms should be made. When they show signs of depletion, they should immediately be replaced so that damages would not seep through the roof and damage the interiors such as the attic.

The roof is an essential part of the house and when water damage gets to it, it should be given the repair that it needs. No matter the material of the roof, at some point, it will give in to damages because of prolonged exposure to rain water and snow and other forms of moisture.



This mechanism harbors rain water and makes it flow in an orderly fashion towards a downspout and down to the ground. Being continuously exposed to water will someday weaken it or destroy it.

The gutter has the very important function of making the rain water in your home flow smoothly. Without it, your home would be filled with splashes of mud and dirt after every rain and storm that comes through your area. Hence, making sure that your gutter is free from water damage and is always able to sustain the amount and type of water that goes through it, then you can be sure that it will work perfectly in protecting your home.



The walls outside of your home are as important as that on the inside. Furthermore, the outside wall is much susceptible to water damage because it faces the rain and the snow, head on. This is the reason why extra attention should be given to the walls outside the house, because when they are damaged by water, chances are the damage could seep through and eventually penetrate the walls from the inside. When this happens, serious problems will arise such as cracks and holes.

The wall is also a very important part of the house and it serves as a foundation; the very reason why your house stands. When this depletes in strength, you will be facing serious problems and you and your family, as well as your belongings might end up getting hurt when it collapses.


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Where is a Plumber at Midnight?

I love my job. I am lucky and never go to work unhappy. I know a lot of friends who hate their job and live for the weekends. Now, that does not mean I do not love my weekends. I always look forward to them. Being on my own and having my own place my weekends are always fun. I do not have anyone asking or telling what to do. Or where to go. I always go out with my friends every weekend for something. We always have a blast!

One Saturday night I went out with my normal group of friends. We went to a concert! We all love the same music. So we always go to one when we get the chance. We went to go so Florida/Georgia line. It was amazing! I got home late and it was freezing outside. I had to shower before bed since I had been gone all day and I refuse to get in the bed dirty. Well, my water in the house was not working! So I called my friend Craig. He is good friends with an Oxford plumber. I asked him for his number. I called him that next day and he was at my house that afternoon! He was the best plumber I have ever used.

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Oh the Joys of Owning a House with a Leaking Roof

I was lucky after I got out of college and found a good job about 6 months later. Then not long after that, I bought my own home. I was so excited about getting my very own house. I was most excited about not having to deal with landlords anymore. My past landlords took forever to get anything fixed for me. I was super excited to get stuff done on my time. I did not have to wait anymore. I decided when things got fixed. I was just excited having the responsibility. That changed very quickly.

After school one day I got home late. They held us later because we had bad weather in our area. We had a strand of tornados that came through our state. I walked in my house and my heart skipped a beat. My kitchen had water all in it. I called my dad crying and he told me to calm down. He knew many Birmingham roofers in the area. He told me that He would take care of the roof for me and to relax. That next day some Alabama roofers came to the house. They had my roof fixed in no time! Thank goodness for my daddy. That was one time I wished I had a landlord!

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Where is a Good Real Estate Agent?

When you graduate from college life is so exciting. I know that was when I felt like I had finally grown up. I felt like I was ready to take on the world and that I could handle anything. I also thought I knew what life was all about. I graduated from college to become a school teacher. I knew that I would never make a lot of money but I did not become a teacher for the money. I had a passion to educate children. I wanted to be that positive role model that everyone needs in their life. When I was in school my physical education teacher was my role model. I wanted kids to feel about me how I felt about Coach Harper. 

Well, after graduation things did not go as planned. It seemed like it took an act of congress to get an interview anywhere. I just did not have the contacts. It was not until Christmas when I found my first job. After finding my job I then began looking for a house to buy. I had the best real estate agent in Anniston help me. Finding a house was a lot easier than finding a job and it was all because of my real estate agent. That was one area where I got lucky in.

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